Thursday, March 31, 2011 4 comments By: Unconditionally You

Throwing Away the Calendar (by Melissa)

I was thinking today about time frames for the blog. Truth be told, I have been obsessing about this project for weeks. One failed website and many scratched out pages of a notebook later though, here I am. 

Let me explain a little bit about my personality. I am a planner. Everything has a time frame in my mind. I go by increments of time and they are my comfort. I like calendars, clocks and gadgets that let me know "when". The problem with that is that stress accompanies those self-imposed time frames when they don't make sense. 

For the blog I have a calendar in my head of how things should be "exactly so", which on the surface isn't a bad thing. Organization isn't a dirty word! However, when it is holding you back because you want everything to be perfect then it is time to rethink why you have those specific time frames in mind. 

I am tossing the calendar to the side. Oh yes, I said it. The start date for the blog is now. I mean, why not? It's here. I am here. Emerald is here. You are here. Pursuit of perfection be damned, let's have fun. 

 So the next post is going to be an introduction to Emerald, who is very sick so I am not entirely sure when she will feel up to it. 

We both look forward to getting started with writing! Our topics are going to center around the "featured person" which will be a person we either interview or they write their own bio. Then we will write our own articles about topics of the mind, body and essence of a person. Those three elements support the person as a whole. 

We hope you enjoy the blog and thank you for reading! Don't forget to sign up for our facebook page. You can find us at Unconditionally You or in the search bar on facebook.
Wednesday, March 30, 2011 4 comments By: Unconditionally You

What are we about? (By Melissa)


Let me introduce myself. I am Melissa, a 33 year old mother of two wonderful children. Partner to my best friend, Sonny. Also, a real woman just like you.

Women are bombarded with images in the media of what the “perfect” woman is. Perfect hair, perfect size, perfect skin tone and unattainable perfection that is mostly airbrushed images that no real woman could ever realistically obtain. What women need to see is that our bodies are normal and beautiful. Our faces are lovely, blackheads and all. Our c-section scars and stretch marks from bearing children aren’t imperfections. We need a voice in the media that could hopefully outshine what is given to us as the standards that we hold ourselves to. My project would show that every woman is beautiful no matter her shape, size, skin tone, amount of stretch marks, none of this would be seen as an imperfection. In fact, it would be celebrated as normal and natural. There is a desperate need for this in the media today so that women become more accepting of themselves. A website targeted to the whole, real woman is sorely needed in today’s media.

What I would love to focus on is real people in the world, not celebrities. We have so many wonderful and intriguing people that we walk past every single day. You probably know a few, maybe a cousin or a friend. Articles will also have information about the whole person including mind, body and essence (or soul, form, spirit... still batting ideas back and forth on what to name that part of the blog). 

Unconditionally You is not set to officially launch until late May or early June. This is simply an introduction to let you know a little about me and the project. I also have a wonderful co writer, Emerald Hall, who will be working on many pieces for this project. In addition to being a co-writer she has been kind and patient enough to listen to my insane ideas and bounce some wonderfully creative ideas back of her own. 

While the ultimate goal is to launch this into a website, for the time being we will be in blog mode. I will update the blog as I know more! Thanks for reading, and stay unconditionally you.