Sunday, April 3, 2011 By: Unconditionally You

No Make Up and Glam It Up Day: Are You In? (by Melissa)

Despite what the intro to the blog says, I don't specifically hate make up. Surprised? Don't be!

Let me explain it this way. A few weeks ago I had a status update on Facebook from my 14 year old friend, Alysia. It mentioned that a handful of girls were wearing no make up to school that day, and they were wearing "their real colors".

I should stop here and admit that I have a feminist side that stands up and cheers like mad when I read things like this. Even more loudly when it comes from the mouth's of babes, so to speak!

Now, I know my station in life is to generally smile and nod around teens and try not to embarass them too much by being overly political/opinionated/dorky in general, but I had to comment on the status. I did, commenting that "I love this. While we all like to accentuate our features and make up is fun, there's something empowering about saying "my true form is beautiful". Inspiring, ladies. :)" and I even got a few like clicks from the teens. Okay, maybe I am exaggerating and I got one like click. Shut up, I am trying to think I am still cool, let me have my moment!


Make up and hair. It's something that is important to women. That is a simple fact that I don't plan to ignore on this blog. While I want you to be unconditionally the woman that you are, I don't expect that any of us will throw away what makes us happy. Appearance is something that we can't ignore. I know, personally, that it is truly indicative of my mental status if my physical state (including appearance) declines. Finding the balance between chasing unblemished perfection, such as airbrushed beauty in magazines, and your own beauty is where I hope we all can find the balance. 


Here is what I propose, and I hope that my readers will join in! On April 7th I would like us to all have a "No Make Up Day". Take this day to do as those wonderful young ladies did and wear your real colors. If you would like, take a picture and post it to Unconditionally You's facebook page to share with the world! On April 8th I would like us to have a "Glam it Up" day. Take this day to rock out the hair and make up. Again, feel free to take a picture and post it to the facebook page and share with the world! The purpose is to have fun on both days and to show the world that you are beautiful both with and without being dolled up. Look for my pictures to be posted on both days, promise you will see them if you have Unconditionally You on facebook!


Thanks for reading, and remember to stay unconditionally you.


hollyjoy85 said...

You're awesome, Nik!

whisperedinspirations said...

Hi there, oh goodness, I have no make-up days allll the time. I used to be someone who didn't like to leave the house without make-up especially during my teens, but I always felt comfortable enough to go without. Though ppl would ask me if I was sick. Oy. Either way, this is very empowering. It's a beautiful thing to embrace our selves as we are.

Thanks for stopping by to my page I am now following back via GFC!

Have a great week,


Lil Ms Snarky said...

i'm 33, lazy and never wear makeup. when i actually wear it, people get freaked out!

Adelina Priddis said...

Love it! I'm a no make up wearing girl. I love the way I look. It's nice to hear of some teens doing this. Not to say I don't like people who do wear make up, it's a personal choice, I'm good without :)
The best part is, the hubs prefers me WITHOUT makeup, and actually doesn't really like it when I put it on for the occasional date. Talk about a self esteem boost right there!

Unconditionally You said...

No Make Up Day album is up and posted at

If you would like me to add your picture for No Make Up Day please email me at with your picture to post.

Thanks for being a part of something fun. :)

Unconditionally You said...

Glam It Up Day is going strong! I have heard from lots of ladies that had fun glamming it up today and some pics are on the Facebook page as well.

Thanks everyone for the participation and I hope you had lots of fun both days. You are beautiful and this has been great. :)

Just me said...

I love this!! I'm 19 & have a lot of acne scars - usually I cover it all up but two weeks ago on Monday I didn't have much on & felt that I didn't need to bother with make-up, so I went without. The next day, I did it again. I decided to do a week with no make-up, to see if I could. I did, and I loved it. And at the end of the week I officially gave up skin make-up (except for special occasions and maybe times when there'll be photos taken, but I think in time I can phase those out too). I really really love this, and seriously, if I can survive without it, anyone can!

(I wrote about the week here - - if anyone's interested!)

Love that there are 14 year olds doing it - that's wonderful!!

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