Saturday, April 9, 2011 By: Mera Thomas

Unconditionally Emerald: An Intro (by Emerald)

Me? Me! This is an introduction to Me, Emerald Hall….okay so here I go. I never know what to say when it comes to me other than to say that I am me, just me and no one else.

I will start off simply and say that I am a single mother to a 4year old girl and while I’m no June Cleaver I do my best when it comes to her and her well being. I have a full time job as a teacher for now but I am an aspiring writer and now thanks to my friend Melissa I am writing for more than just myself, Huzzah!!
Unconditionally you is something that every woman looks towards. At least that’s how I see it in my mind. When Melissa asked me to write for her for this blog soon to come online magazine I was over the moon with excitement for the sheer brilliance of her idea and her inclusion of me. I talked to friends about it all the while thinking that surely this wouldn’t happen because things like this NEVER happen to me, but here I am writing for this beautiful blog and hoping for the website to be as much of a success as I know this blog will be!
Please bear with me as I have a moment… WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
Okay, I’m good now.
Now after the blog was launched I got sick, well actually had been sick all along and just thought it was allergies, and went to the doctors for the first time in 5years for some antibiotics. Now let me tell you that I’m a bit of a hippy in that as long as I can get over my allergies and colds at home holistically then I will because doctors give me the heebee gee bees like mad crazy. I don’t like them but will grit my teeth and go when necessary.
So I went to the clinic in my home town only to find that the NP seeing me had shingles, a cousin to chicken pocks, and my child wouldn’t be allowed back with me. So I had to leave her with the receptionist so that I could get checked out.
All this time I’m hacking up a lung and can’t breathe through my nostrils and the NP comes in and says “So what’s the problem today, sweetie?” I tell her what has been going on only to realize halfway through my appointment that she’s a little high. Now this is amazing. I’m sitting here and she’s taking my temp and all that business and she’s higher than a kite on the meds for her shingles. I don’t know what kind of medicine they give you for shingles but she was out of it with the slurred words and the mumbling. LOL its funny now when I think about it and now that I know that she won’t be in business much longer because she was bought out by a hospital. Its funny, well in hindsight it’s funny.
Anyway I was given some antibiotics and a nasal spray because my allergies had progressed to a sinus infection, ear infection and a slight bronchial infection as well. I was also given an antibiotic shot and a steroid shot before I left.
And let me tell you, them suckers hurt! I haven’t gotten an antibiotic shot since I was 16 and that sucker hurts! After they told me that the steroid shot would make me antsy and to just try my best to go for a walk or something to settle down before bed, I though okay no problem. What they didn’t tell me was that the combination of the steroid shot, the antibiotic shot, and the oral medicine would make me feel the blood run through my veins like NASCAR.
It made my head light, my legs weak and spun glass was stronger than I was for the rest of that weekend. The only restlessness I felt at all that day was restless leg syndrome in my left leg, lol that I easily ignored and slept like the dead for 12 hours.
I feel better now though I still have a bad cough that makes my chest rattle and my voice deep.
More about me is that I like to decorate, plan parties, shop, read and the biggest project I have going on with me right now is that I’m preparing my body to get pregnant this July. I’m charting my cycles, doing the ovulation kits to find out my ovulation days, and taking my prenatal along with an herbal supplement for fertility health.
I am a single mother to a 4yearold girl and this will be my first pregnancy and my first biological child. I love just thinking about being pregnant. All the uncomfortable feelings, the growing huge with the baby the swollen feet and doctors, nurses, midwife choices. I love it all and I can’t wait to experience it all first hand.
The only thing I don’t have for this is a mate, but in this modern world a mate is not easily overlooked but possible. I plan to conceive my first child via sperm bank, though if I find the mate of my dreams before then I’ll change my plans but for now I’m doing it the independent way because at 27 waiting any longer for a mate to have children with isn’t an option.
I hope you all like this introduction to me. I ramble a lot so hopefully this made sense and you like me and my writing, lol.
I enjoy being Unconditionally me, what about you?
The pictures above and below are both pictures of me one is less glamorous than the other but I still look the same.


Unconditionally You said...

I am still laughing about the high doctor! Poor Emerald, lol! I am glad you are feeling better though.

Emerald said...

Not better anymore I am having some bronchial issues and have to go back to the "doctor" this week for more antibiotics.....whoa as me I say Whoa...

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